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Unleashing creativity, transforming lives and building community through outstanding and accessible CHOIR education. 

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Who We Are

The Charlotte Children’s Choir is first and foremost a family. Everything that we do is built on the foundation of caring deeply for each individual and encouraging them to be their best. Our singers are not a voice lost in a crowd - each singer is key to the success of the whole choir! We believe that building a community of singers should be our top priority. Through a committed and nurturing choir, each singer can be empowered to learn, grow, make beautiful music, and experience tremendous joy!

Our family is diverse. We’re bold. We’re achievers. We’re music lovers. We’re quirky. We’re confident together. We’re able to be ourselves without judgement. We’re encouragers. We’re supporters and cheerleaders for each other.

And as a family, we make incredible music. Through rehearsing and performing together, we learn to work together, see our voices grow, improve our music reading skills, and expand our understanding of the world. As a community, lives are changed -- our own lives as well as those that we touch through our music!



Singers of all experience levels are welcome. There is a choir suitable for every young voice!

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Fall Trimester 2020


  • Collaborations
  • Outdoor Rehearsals*
  • Outdoor Performance Opportunities*
  • Individual Voice Coaching
  • Virtual Choir Performances
  • Singing in Multiple Languages
  • Musicianship Skills
  • Community Service Projects
  • Social Opportunities

*social distanced

Announcing 2020-21

Meet Our Faculty

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