Arts education that adds up to something more.

At Arts+, we provide outstanding arts education to students of all backgrounds and ages. We help students tap into their artistic potential plus access the many other irreplaceable benefits of an arts education. Our students carry what they learn throughout their lives, using the skills they develop to create a more vibrant world around them.

Arts+ Experiences

Celebrate Your Child's Birthday at Arts+

Are you looking for a unique birthday experience for your child? Celebrate the special day by creating a one-of-a-kind experience at the Arts+ Uptown studios. Arts+ offers parties focused on five different activities: bookmaking, jewelrymaking, printmaking, karaoke, and ukulele.

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Arts+ Programs

Arts plus lifelong skills.

We know the benefits of an arts education extend far beyond the here and now, helping students develop lifelong skills, including teamwork, critical thinking, and an aptitude for problem solving. Our private lessons, classes, summer camps, and more are all designed to provide access to outstanding arts education plus all the benefits it brings.

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Arts+ Outreach

Arts plus transformed lives.

We believe the benefits of an outstanding arts education should be available to everyone, regardless of background or socioeconomic status. Of the 4,500 students we teach every year, roughly half receive their arts training at a reduced rate thanks to our extensive outreach programming, financial aid, and community partnerships.

Outreach Programs