Financial Aid

Arts plus financial aid.

Our financial aid program is designed to make sure everyone in the community has access to outstanding arts education, no matter their financial circumstance.

Financial aid is provided to students each year based on need and the availability of funds. Arts+ uses a sliding scale similar to the one schools use to determine eligibility for free/reduced school lunches. Applications are due each spring and awards are made prior the beginning of summer programs.

Due to the large volume of applications, Arts+ staff cannot consider incomplete or late applications. Incomplete or late applications will be declined automatically.

How to Apply

Please complete the Arts+ financial aid application and submit along with the following:

  • A photocopy of last year’s Federal Tax Return OR (if appropriate) official letters of proof from any agencies providing welfare, social security, unemployment, child support or alimony benefits
  • The most recent pay stubs for any working parents

Arts+ will also consider official documentation of changes or extenuating circumstances that have changed the financial status of the applicant subsequent to filing of tax return and/or parent letters explaining special circumstances not documented elsewhere which may support an applicant’s claim to assistance (i.e. special needs).


The deadline for financial aid support for the full 2019–2020 school year is April 19, 2019. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please send completed applications to: 

Attention: Student Services Coordinator
345 North College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


Fax: 704-377-1132

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services Coordinator at 704.3774238 or


The financial aid program is generously sponsored by