Parents and Students

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Students and parents of students enrolled in Arts+ private lessons, Charlotte Children’s Choir, group classes, camps and workshops can find information on the following pages about important dates, announcements and forms. As always, please call the office with any additional questions at 704.377.4187.

General Resources

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  • Make sure that you’re set up as close to your wireless router as possible.
  • About 10 minutes prior to the start of the lesson, test out your connection, camera and microphone.
  • During the lesson, others in the household should stay off of video services such as Netflix or online video games.
  • Be sure to mute yourself when your teacher is playing to avoid audio feedback, or utilize headphones instead.
  • A little trial and error goes a long way: Try with headphones. Try with muting. Move to a different spot in the house. Try a different video service.
  • If you’re having internet speed problems, try turning off your video if you’re not actively playing.
  • Boost the learning experience with supplementary digital apps and platforms such as YouTube, Google Drive, DropBox, FourScore, mobile scanners and more.

Music and Private Lessons Resources

Current Private Lesson Student Info

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Suzuki@Arts+ Resources

Suzuki@Arts+ Info

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Visual Art

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