Adult At Home Art Workshops

Join Arts+ staff virtually spending a relaxing afternoon making art at home.

Workshop Description

Our second Art At Home Workshop for Adults, Secret Window Books is designed as an accessible foray into the art of bookmaking. Using simple techniques, we will learn how to create handmade bookboards from painted or printed paper and then assemble a book using collage, glue binding, and paper cutting. For those intimidated by the often precise nature of bookmaking, this workshop offers a simple and creative alternative to traditional binding. All the steps laid out in our instructional materials have predetermined measurements to minimize guesswork and allow participants to focus more on color, shape, and design. Plus, the "Secret Window" aspect of this project is a fun opportunity to explore two of the best qualities of handmade artists books: eccentric form and narrative surprise!  

 For all of our Art At Home Workshops, participants receive a set of instructional PDFs and a list of easy access materials. You will have a plenty of time to dive in to the project a week in advance of our special Zoom "artist meetup" on Saturday, May 16th from 2pm -3pm. Join our growing community of creative adults learners as we share ideas and explore the exciting boundaries of a collective creative practice!

This program is supported by ASC Culture Blocks, a community partnership with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation to provide cultural programming 


Adult At Home Workshop: Secret Window Books