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Among the most expressive and dynamic of any instrument family are the woodwinds. From the soaring saxophone solo in a jazz band to the rich sounds of the clarinets in the orchestra, the woodwinds are staples of instrumental ensembles.
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Saxophone

Class Description

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At Arts+, we provide private lessons for students learning the flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, and recorder. Individualized instruction ensures that you will have an education to fit your needs and interests. Beginners will learn the basics of note reading and embouchure while advanced students can explore repertoire in a variety of styles. Whatever your skill, experience, or background, our teachers will help you to achieve your potential.

Our woodwind students can learn in a variety of styles to match their interest. Students interested in jazz, blues, and rock can take part in Arts+ gigs throughout the city at local venues. Those who prefer classical styles have the opportunity to showcase their talents at recitals each semester with an accompanist provided.

Looking for other wind instruments such as the trumpet or trombone? Go check out our Brass section here.

How young can a student start woodwind lessons?

Students can start on most woodwinds instruments as young as about Grade 3, depending on the size of the student. Due to the size of the instrument itself, students have to grow enough to be able to properly hold the instrument, reach the keys, cover any tone holes, and have enough breath support. Clarinet, flute, and saxophone are all great beginner instruments.

What if my student isn’t old enough yet?

A fantastic alternative for young children to start learning to play and read music is the recorder. Through the recorder, students will learn breath control, note reading, and other fundamental skills for later success on the larger wind instruments.

Whatever your style and passion, we have a teacher for you:

  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • And More!

Instrument Rental

Your student will need to either rent or own an instrument. Our instructors and Student Services Coordinator will be happy to direct you to some of our partner organizations who can help you find the perfect instrument.


Our lessons typically run on a semester basis, but you can start whenever. We will work to design a schedule that works for you.


​Lessons are taught at studios throughout Charlotte, from Davidson to Ballantyne. Scroll down the page to see our locations.


Lesson Length (min.) Cost Per Lesson Cost Per Semester Cost Per Semester + 19th Week Workshop

How to Register

New Students

  1. Check out our LESSON PACKAGES. Arts+ has several lessons packages available to you, so that you can find exactly what fits your needs. Our lessons typically run on a semester-basis, but you can start whenever! Click here to review packages and FAQs.
  2. Look at our lesson locations all across the Charlotte area.
  3. Do you need financial aid? Arts+ has a financial aid program for qualifying families. Please click here for more information.
  4. Contact us today at 704.377.4187 or fill out a Private Lessons Scheduling Request Form to get started. Not sure if Arts+ lessons are right for you? Be sure to ask us about commitment-free options.

Returning Students

Your instructor will communicate with you prior to the semester to finalize your lesson schedule. Once your instructor has told us your schedule, our Student Services Coordinator will be in contact with you to finalize registration and notify you of your balance due.

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