Art + Classes

Arts plus group classes.

We offer a range of group classes for students of all ages, from Discovering Suzuki for young children to Comic Book Drawing and a variety of visual art workshops for adults. All of our classes are taught by experienced faculty who are active members of the Charlotte arts community. Find the class that fits your interests and embrace your inner artist.

Group Classes

Group Art Classes

We offer a variety of art lessons individually crafted to meet students’ interests and goals. Students can receive instruction in drawing, painting, comic book creation, watercolor, portraiture and a variety of other specialized techniques. We welcome students of all ages and skill levels. 

Adult Art: Painting (Gesture + Geometry)
May 1 - June 12 (Mondays)
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Adult Art: Creating Comics
April 19 - May 24 (Wednesdays)
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Adult Art: Collage Canon
April 18 - May 23 (Tuesdays)
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Adult Art: Experimental Jewelry
April 20 - May 25 (Thursdays)
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Group Classes

Group Music Classes

We offer a variety of music lessons for students of all ages and skill levels, including voice lessons and instrument training in a range of styles, from traditional to Suzuki to rock and blues. Students can take one-on-one or group music lessons, depending on their needs and preferences.