Adult Art Workshop: Diorama Drawings

FREE Adult Art Workshop April 18!

Workshop Description

In this 3 hour, online workshop, participants will build a quick and colorful abstract diorama using paper and other collage materials. Participants will then create an oil pastel drawing from observation of their paper diorama. The workshop will explore values of color, and how color value can be used to create the illusion of three-dimensional form. Participants may choose to work abstractly, or they may provide additional collage materials from magazines or photographs as a way to bring representational imagery into their work. This workshop is intended for artists at every level who are interested in using observational techniques to create abstract artwork! 

 All supplies will be included and mailed to participants the week prior to the workshop.

Registration deadline: April 9 by 5:00 p.m.

Please make sure your address is accurate and you can receive packages at the given address.

Since this is a free event with limited capacity please do not sign up if you are unsure of your ability to participate due to schedule issues.

Instructor: Erin High 
Learn more about Erin on her website.

This program is supported by ASC Culture Blocks, a community partnership with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation to provide cultural programming 




Adult Art Workshop: Diorama Drawings