January 20, 2021

Intersection Program Embodies Kinship

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At the intersection of student leaders and political leaders plus the arts, we find new solutions and common ground. - Hannah Hasan

This past fall, some of our Studio 345 alumni participated in Intersection, a program funded by the Reemprise Fund that embodies kinship by bringing together students and community leaders to experience shared time and space with each other focusing on sharing personal narratives.

Co-created and facilitated by Charlotte poet and activist Hannah Hasan, the group had the opportunity to build trust and go deep with rich dialogue. The participants formed cohorts to present a project using storytelling to showcase who they are, how they are the same and different, and how those similarities and differences can be used to shape the world. Participants were able to present their spoken-word project at the Levine Museum of the New South as part of their Martin Luther King Day celebration.

Hannah shared that the results were surprising. She assumed the community leaders and activists would come at the project from a leadership mindset like they are "teaching" the younger ones. To her surprise, they opened up and showed vulnerability as well. The outcome was the disruption of what we think and know about youth and adults working together to envision a world where we are connected on a deeper level and work together to create meaningful change.