Jonathan Grauel

Jonathan Grauel is a Charlotte based artist who has gained international and regional recognition. Grauel's life has been shaped by his desire to create. He transforms that need into unique visual narratives.

Jonathan uses energetic line, whimsical shape, and vivid color to construct surreal spaces. Focusing on the places “we" travel, he portrays not just physical locations, like the coffee shops, pubs and parks he frequents. Jonathan also constructs villages from mental, emotional, and spiritual territories. His work is a response to his surroundings and the relationships they contain.

Grauel participates in numerous gallery events, one man shows, and group exhibits around the world. His paintings have received multiple awards. Jonathan recently was awarded mural art commissions for Charlotte Douglas International Airport and the Levine Children’s Hospital. Grauel has been a member, then partner/owner of Ciel Gallery in Charlotte. Grauel completed an artist residency in Kerry Co Listowel Ireland. Over the last few years Jonathan has been awarded public art commissions many of which involved collaborative work with fellow artist. Grauel has lead numerous live art painting sessions in corporate and private settings. Jonathan teaches workshops, private lessons, and has been a guest speaker in the classroom upon many occasions. In addition, he taught High School art, so has a keen interest in arts education.

For many years, Jonathan's primary mediums were acrylics, oils and oil pastels. In 2008, an accident with a table saw left him without an index finger on his dominate hand. After the accident his wife and friends surprised him with an iPhone. He soon discovered a new joy in "finger painting." Jonathan added an iPad to his artist toolbox and it has replaced his sketchbook as a constant companion. He enjoys the freedom of the digital medium and also continues to work with traditional 2D and 3D media.

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