Arts plus continuing support. 


In music, the “basso continuo” or simply “continuo” is played by a low-pitched instrument to reinforce the sound of the bass line and additional instruments playing full chords. It provides underlying support, sustaining the full harmony of the musical texture.

As in music, Continuo members - donors of $1,000 or more - provide a continuous “bass line” from which to build our organization, acting as true leaders. Continuo members provide the support we need to fulfill our vision of making outstanding arts education accessible to the entire community.

By becoming a Continuo member, you make a powerful statement about the importance of arts education in our community. We couldn't do it without you.

Continuo Giving Tiers

 Unleashing: $5,000

  • Choir classes in one under-resourced community
  • New woodwind and string instruments for underserved children
  • Visual art classes for elementary students at a Title I school

Transforming: $2,500

  • Six violins and cases for students in an under-resourced community
  • Eight music workshops for children with emotional and behavioral challenges
  • Private music lessons once a week for two low-income students

Building: $1,000

  • Participation in the Charlotte Children’s Choir for two low-income students
  • Supplies for visual art workshops at a local senior center
  • One semester of free art workshops for underserved children