Summer at Studio

Photo, Film, and Visual Art: Grades 10-12

June 17-27

Camp Description

During this summer program, students will discover various Studio 345 classes. Rising 10th-12th grades will start with Film & Photography from 9am - 11am then move to Visual Art: Mixed Media or Graphic Design from 11am - 1pm. In photography, students will learn studio lighting, photo editing, and camera techniques that will advance their skills as an artist. Taking students out into the street, this course is a chance to learn, in a way anyone can grasp, the basic insights and hidden secrets of photography. In film, students will learn how to make their ideas come to life. Whether its live-action narratives or stop motion claymation, students will learn how to write a script, shoot and compose a scene and edit a film. Students will use industry standard equipment and software to develop their skills and become indie filmmakers. In the Visual Art: Mixed Media class students will fully explore a variety of mediums from inks including Chinese brushes and dip pen drawing techniques, book-making using accordion and hard backs techniques and also fun contour portraits.


Studio 345 is generously sponsored by: