Our Choirs

Singers come from all across the Charlotte area to sing together with CYC.

No matter the singer's experience level, there is a choir for them! Keep reading to learn more about our four ensembles and in-school program.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is our select performing choir — active each year with special community events and collaborations. Concert Choir singers perform challenging and diverse music that showcases what our students are truly capable of achieving. Our singers have all demonstrated confident music reading skills, healthy vocal development, musical independence, as well as professionalism.

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Lyric Choir

Lyric Choir is our intermediate level ensemble for advancing students. These singers have shown they can sing with solid beginning technique, read some basic notation, and maintain vocal independence (staying on their own vocal part if there are multiple harmonies). These singers take their singing to the next level with exciting music choices and being challenged to grow into highly polished performers.

Harmony Choir

Harmony Choir is perfect for singers just starting out in a choir. In Harmony Choir, our young singers learn how to sing with a healthy voice and begin reading music while having fun with a great variety of music selections. Our teachers will show our Harmony Choir students how to become independent, confident performers and to grow their voices to be strong and beautiful.

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CYC@YourSchool is a new initiative to provide students across the region with the chance to be part of the Charlotte Youth Choir. Students will grow as singers, music readers, and creative individuals while joining in the 33-year legacy of CYC. Instruction focuses on celebrating standards-based learning, musician confidence, and diversity.

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