September 20, 2023

Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboration with PNC

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Since Arts+ first received a PNC Grow Up Great® grant from PNC Foundation in 2013, Arts+ and PNC have collaborated extensively to bring high-quality arts education to Charlotte preschools. As part of the scope of the first grant, Arts+ worked with Discovery Place to integrate the arts and sciences into their core curriculum at Bethlehem Center (now Alliance for Education) preschools. Today, PNC continues to help Arts+ deliver high-quality, hands-on creative lessons in both music and art, taught by experienced instructors in preschools across the city, including Charlotte Bilingual Preschool, The Learning Collaborative, and more.

”As a proponent for both the arts and high-quality early childhood education, PNC recognizes the arts occupy an important place in a child’s early development,” said Weston Andress, PNC regional president for Western Carolinas. “Our longstanding collaboration with Arts+ is an example of how we collaborate with nonprofits in our communities to help prepare children from birth through age five for success in school and life.”

With similar forward-thinking, education-based missions, PNC Foundation and Arts+ have made a difference in the future of Charlotte’s students. With PNC’s help, Arts+ has spread creativity at early education sites, particularly those unable to provide consistent lessons from arts educators. Research from various organizations, including the National Endowment for the Arts, has demonstrated the value of art and music education for preschoolers, from increasing language skills to strengthening self-regulation and facilitating self-expression. While this research is powerful, it can often be difficult for centers to fund arts programming and resources; PNC Grow Up Great and its involvement with Arts+ help bridge this gap.

“Students at the locations we serve often struggle with self-esteem and hesitancy with new skills. Visual art and music education provide a place for students to develop self-confidence, explore new ideas, and express their individuality as well as learn collaboratively. Seeing students show excitement for the artwork they have created and share their experiences with parents and friends proves the value of the arts in learning,” said Caroline Tippette, Director of Visual Art Programs at Arts+.

Arts+ is grateful for PNC’s continued support of impactful programs in early education for underserved areas. With funding from PNC Foundation through PNC Grow Up Great®, Arts+ has integrated creative learning into early education, fostered connections with local preschools, and brightened the academic and artistic futures of Charlotte communities.