August 2, 2023

QC Morning: Adult Music Lessons With Wes Smith and Marissa Keener

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Wes Smith, Director of Music Programs, and Marissa Keener, Carolina Suzuki Strings Artistic Director, stopped by QC Morning to talk about the adult music programs offered by Arts+. They had WBTV’s Cheryl Brayboy, who played an instrument as a kid, playing a song on the violin in a matter of minutes!

So, if you’re an adult who hasn’t played an instrument in years — or never played one at all — Arts+ can help you get back into it or get started.

Watch the full segment here.

To enroll in the 6 Weeks of Music Lessons program, fill out our new student inquiry form, contact our student services coordinator via email at, or call us at 704.367.2793.