March 22, 2023

Tell A Friend About Our Financial Aid!

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At Arts+, we make it our mission to provide a quality arts and music education that is accessible to every family in the greater Charlotte area. With the generosity of incredible donors and sponsors, we're able to help hundreds of youth engage with the arts every year, and we are striving to reach even more!

Help us to spread the word that Arts+ has available aid to assist families in need!

Whether you're interested in our private lesson program, engaging with a mix of music and art class series, or trying out one of our upcoming one-day workshops, we have the aid to help make it all possible.

We want to grow the Arts+ family and ensure that tuition costs aren't a barrier to families that want to learn and create with us!

Below are two social media graphics that we invite you to share with your friends and family. The application process is simple, and our student services coordinator is always on-hand to assist with any questions.

Learn more or apply for aid here.

Financial Aid Graphic 1
Financial Aid Graphic 2