September 1, 2022

Arts+ hosts free, monthly art activities at Uptown Farmers Market.

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Read below for an excerpt from South Charlotte Weekly: Arts+ hosts free, monthly art activities at Uptown Farmers Market.

CHARLOTTE — You don’t have to consider yourself artsy to be artistic.

Arts+, the nonprofit that has been furthering arts education in Charlotte for more than 50 years, has a slew of upcoming free opportunities to help flex creative muscles.

Arts+ has activities at the Uptown Farmers Market, 300 S. Davidson St., 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. the first Saturday of each month, through the end of the year. The next opportunity to get creative is Sept. 3.

The Uptown Farmers Market was established in Spring 2020 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to engage neighbors around locally grown, fresh foods, support local farmers, educate about healthy eating, and address food insecurity. The market in the heart of the center city is SNAP-approved and accessible by more than 110,000 residents that live within a three-mile radius.

“We want to engage with neighbors of all backgrounds,” said Devlin McNeil, Arts+ President and Executive Director. “You don’t need to have any artistic experience to participate in the activities, nor do you need to have an existing relationship with Arts+. We’re here to meet new faces who may have an interest in creating and continue to engage with those that are already familiar with us."