January 8, 2021

Arts+ Speaks to Wilson's World About Major Instrument Donation from National Pawn

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Wilson's World has visited with Arts+ frequently over the past year to talk about our arts programs. He was so inspired by the instrument donation from National Pawn that he wanted to learn more! This morning he spoke with Devlin McNeil, President and Executive Director of Arts+, and Bob Moulton, founder of National Pawn, about their recent donation and why it's so important to get these instruments into the hands of the students that need them.

Inspired by his childhood in Durham and his time in the marching band, Bob Moulton’s company National Pawn has donated more than 4,000 instruments to children and nonprofits across the state. Find out more about National Pawn, their locations, and their work in their communities at nationalpawnshops.com.

Check out the video from the interview this morning!