February 17, 2020

Boingo Cares

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Arts+ is grateful to partner with a "really cool print company," Boingo Graphics! Boingo is one of our generous 50th anniversary sponsors that is providing Arts+ with in-kind printing. Their sponsorship was an integral part of our rebrand from Community School of the Arts to Arts+.

Boingo’s Executive Vice President Linda Kirby states, “As a print and marketing services provider, we understand the importance and power of color choice, branding, and a well written document. Not only that, we know that everyone can benefit from art in any form. Art can provide a range of benefits from inspiration to a safe haven, and we believe that, no matter what art form, people will find the support they need to become their best. Arts+ provides a way for Charlotte area youth to explore the various art forms and find one they enjoy to empower them to be successful. These children are our future — we need to support them.”

Boingo Graphics has been proudly serving the Charlotte area for the past 40 years. When asked about what drives the company to support nonprofits like Arts+, Linda says, “We know that we have very passionate community members both within Charlotte and our own company. We believe that this compassion, when used to help others, can create a positive impact on the community while encouraging others to get involved — other organizations, other employees, other people, everyone. We want to see Charlotte, as well as ourselves and employees, be the best we can be. We give back to be our best, help Charlotte be its best, and encourage others to be their best. That's what drives us.”