Nora Smilovici

Nora Smilovici has over 45 years of violin and viola teaching experience. In 1980, seeking freedom, she immigrated to the U.S. from her native country, Romania, which was then a communist country. Since 1988, she has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1972, she graduated from The Conservatory of Music in Bucharest, Romania, obtaining a Master of Arts in music and degrees in conducting and violin pedagogy. While teaching violin at The Music Academy from Bucharest, she earned another Master of Arts in opera voice performance from the University of Music in Bucharest. She performed as an opera singer on Romanian stages as well in international competitions in Italy, Germany, and the United States. As a violinist, she played in the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra. In 1988, she graduated from The Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, with a Master of Arts in Music ministry and Vocal Performance. In 1989, Nora became a certified Suzuki violin instructor through the Mid-Southeast Suzuki Institute in Bristol, Virginia and the South Carolina Suzuki Institute at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Since 1989, she has taught violin and viola with Arts+.

Here are some of Nora's own words:

My music career is now over 45 years of teaching experience. Many of my students are teachers themselves, violinists, and orchestra players. Surely there are some who did not pursue a music career, but I know they understand the value of good music, enjoy going to live performances, and are involved somehow in arts activities. The touch of a music teacher is forever… it even extends over generations! The experience of teaching does not have an end, and every day I learn something new from my students. When I teach, I discover and simultaneously bless! This is the miracle of teaching! Music is the sounding expression of our soul and life within us. It loudly shows who and what we are and how we think and feel. Music is the language of beautiful sounds with the capacity for expression and communication far beyond the words. It is energy, an essence of expression of our very existence, springing up from our inner-self and heart as humans. It can touch and transform others. How wonderful and absolutely rewarding! As a teacher, I am so grateful to have such an influence and positive impact on my students’ lives — the new generation of tomorrow!

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