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PAL on the Go!

PAL on the Go! is our traveling literacy-based arts program that empowers students to improve their literacy skills while gaining creative confidence. In Preschool Arts Lab, students get to enjoy literature-based art activities that sharpen their reading skills, improve their critical thinking and ignite their natural creativity. PAL on the Go! makes it possible for students to access literacy-based arts education in an environment they are already comfortable with, so they can continue to grow as readers and creative thinkers.

Class Description

The Preschool Arts Lab is a literacy-based art program where children actively participate in hands-on, open-ended art experiences with an emphasis on creative inquiry. Talented and caring instructors will conduct one-hour classes (serving multiple classrooms a day) in visual arts and literacy. Each session begins with a reading of the selected book, followed by ‘open lab’ time: a time for children to actively engage in developmentally appropriate, process-oriented, exploratory, literature-based art activities. These types of activities establish school readiness, improve motor and sensory skills, develop socialization skills, encourage enjoyment of reading and inspire creativity.


Up to once a month, September - May


Your School


$150 for one hour long PAL session for groups with a maximum of 25 students aged 3-5 years old