School Programs

Programs Plus provides outstanding arts education to Charlotte students in a group setting like schools and other organizations. While some programs take place in our central location, we also offer “on-the-go” programs that can be transported to classrooms around the city. By bringing transformative arts education to existing classrooms, we help ensure that students of all ages, skill levels and socioeconomic backgrounds can tap into the irreplaceable benefits of arts education, including critical thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity. We strive to make arts education convenient and accessible for students, so they will be encouraged to continue exploring their budding artistic interests. 

Programs Plus

Music Around

Music Around is our on-the-go music education program that allows students to access outstanding music instruction, right from their own classrooms. Music Around makes it possible for students of all ages and skill levels to access music education in an environment they are already familiar with, so they can comfortably explore their musical interests and access the irreplaceable benefits of arts education.



CYC@YourSchool is an initiative to provide students across the region with the chance to be part of the Charlotte Youth Choir. Students will grow as singers, music readers and creative individuals, while joining in the 35-year legacy of CYC. Instruction focuses on celebrating standards-based learning, musician confidence, and diversity.

Programs Plus

PAL on the Go!

PAL on the Go! is our traveling literacy-based arts program that empowers students to improve their literacy skills while gaining creative confidence. In Preschool Arts Lab, students get to enjoy literature-based art activities that sharpen their reading skills, improve their critical thinking and ignite their natural creativity. PAL on the Go! makes it possible for students to access literacy-based arts education in an environment they are already comfortable with, so they can continue to grow as readers and creative thinkers.