Zuleyma Castrejón

Zuleyma Castrejón has a Bachelor of Arts in visual and performing arts with a concentration in studio art from Johnson C. Smith University. Although her degree is interdisciplinary, her work consists mostly of acrylic paintings. Her paintings are highly influenced by her experiences both as a woman and as an immigrant artist.

As a Mexican immigrant who grew up in the United States, she paints different aspects of her culture because she reconnects with her roots through the creation of art. Her subject matter ranges from Mexican legends, to Aztec mythology, and to the many struggles of an immigrant. As a member of Observe, Bridge, Respond, Art (OBRA) Collective she creates pro-immigrant art aimed to dispel myths targeted towards Mexican immigrants by capturing the beauty of the Mexican culture and people. 

Her abstract expressionistic artwork explores color relationships and aims to show the diverse reactions associated with the human experience and perception of color. Although her abstract art has a personal meaning she finds beauty in the differing interpretations that color in non-objective work inspires in other people.

She recently began expanding her area of artistic expertise to include photography. She was accepted into The Light Factory’s yearlong collaborative Beyond the Frame. The culminating event will include an exhibition of the 10 female artists accepted to the program and the photographic work they developed throughout the duration of the program. 

Overall, Zuleyma’s work is a personal and reflective visual diary of her experiences, passions, thoughts, and emotions. Creating art for her has always been more about the experience and the journey of the piece rather than the final composition.

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